November 9

Biggest Mistakes Made When Hiring a Photo Booth Vendor

photo boot session

The best way to commemorate an important day in your life is to hire a professional Birmingham photographer. Pros will take the best photos, edit them, print them and compile them together before you or your guests get to see the copies. While these are great mementos of your special day, having to wait for the end product can be frustrating. On the other hand, a photo booth or corporate hire from Birmingham setup at your big event is a fun way to socialise and a quick way to dole out party favours.

Not Booking Ahead

Because photo booths have become extremely popular, renting one for your holiday event,  birthday, or big office party at the very last minute can prove to be a disastrous mistake. With so many people wanting one at their gathering, it is essential to book ahead of time. Not only do you beat the competition, you also ensure that you are getting good quality service and fully functioning equipment rather than just the dodgy leftovers in dire need of maintenance.

Not Hiring a Professional

So many people are trying to get in on the photo booth rental business due to its high demand. Unfortunately not all providers are created equal. There are countless companies who offer substandard services and have little experience in this industry. By taking the time to search for an established professional, you don’t run the risk of getting an amateur who shows up late, brings low grade photo booth equipment, and is unable to produce topnotch results.

Not Negotiating for Free Reprintsa

Group shots are fun to take in photo booths but a single reprint would mean that only one person out of the 12 coworker shot would be getting a copy. The best vendors offer free reprints on demand for all their corporate hire events. If it’s not part of the package then negotiating for this offer should be on the agenda.

Guest post by Funky Pictures