November 17

Add Some Uniqueness To Your Party By Using Candles

Candles are widely used for celebration and decoration. You can use different candles such as floating, container, and several others. If there is a party organized at your house then you can look for handmade candles which can add some special appearance to your party. You can use different materials for manufacturing a candle and create some special designs. Wax is the basic component that is used for manufacturing the candle.

What are the types of waxes used in making the candle?

Paraffin wax:  it is the most commonly used wax for manufacturing candles. It is the byproduct of petroleum that has a high melting point. It is commonly used for tall pillar candles. If you want to make your candles more attractive and beautiful then you can add some color.

Soya wax: it is widely used for making candles because it is an eco-friendly wax. It does not produce toxic things that can cause harm to the environment. It also has a low melting point so it melts quickly.

Beeswax: if you want a clean and healthy environment then you should use beeswax. It is the byproduct of the bees. It burns all the pollutants from the air which mainly causes asthma and allergies. Candles that are made up of beeswax burn longer than other wax.

Liquid wax: this type of wax is made up of different types of oils such as paraffin oil. If you burn these candles, they will not produce smoke and soot. It is an alternative to traditional candles and it burns for a long time.