March 8

Get Real Hair Extensions And See The Difference

We all know that women are extremely keen to have a head full of hair and a heart full of dreams. But sometimes we might need a little help from the hair gods and that is why hair extensions are all the rage. While there are many sorts available in the market to cater to all budgets and expectations, it is generally feasible to opt for real hair extensions. First of all, you must know these come in weaves which are generally clipped on or glued on to the base of the hair to create a more voluminous and healthy looking hair.

Generally real human hair extensions are applied on a customer by a professional, but sometimes it is also applied by the one who has decided to get it. But no matter who does the application there are some key things to keep in consideration while getting these hair extensions. These are:

  1. How much do you actually need: if you already have thick hair, you would not be requiring the heavier wefts because they would really not be doing much for you anyway.
  2. Stylist with experience: if you have indeed chosen to work with a stylist,make sure they have ample experience in this field, because even if you are working with real hair extensions, there is always the chance of it causing serious damage to your hair resulting in more hair loss and even the extent of bald spots if done the wrong way.
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